Poetry in poetic suroundings

Listen to the poem penned by Mr Vikram Bhatt and enjoy the touching scenes and beautiful scenery in this clip from forthcoming 1920 Evil Returns.

Our friend Mitul Desai in Mumbai helped us translate the poem:

Her beautiful eyes had found her dreams
yet my eager eyes, stood awake awaiting her

watching her sleep in peace,
I have nights without any,

why do you seem so familiar ? 
afterall who you are ?

wherever you may have reached me from,
you sure have brought numerous reasons to live,

So, someone who is like me, and within me,
what should I name them ?

Or, that feeling, the feeling within me be kept unnamed

Creating horror at Vrams Gunnarstorp, southern Sweden

In this article from Screen, director Bushan Patel and stars Tia Bajpal and Aftab Shivdasani talk about shooting in southern Sweden. Excerpt: “We shot in forests and waterfronts in southern part of Sweden as that’s one part which has retained an old world charm. What struck us more than the serene, untouched beauty of the Swedish countryside, was the warm response from the Swedish media and the locals who were very co-operative and hospitable”

Read the full article: Creating horror at Vrams Gunnarstorp

South Sweden is beautiful and the locations are gorgeous, says Aftab Shivdasani

In an interview back home in Mumbai, the star of “1920 Evil Returns” Aftab Shivdasani, looks back on shooting in Sweden:

“I understood how horror movies are made. The locations which we shot were so eerie and spooky. It’s a love story but the background is horror. The entire movie is very dark and intense but entertaining. We shot in some forrest-type locations which gave me goosebumps. But South Sweden is beautiful and the locations are gorgeous.”

See the newsclip on the “1920 Evil Returns” Facebook page here