Dr. D. Ramanaidu’s Suresh Productions arrive for shooting in southern Sweden


Today a crew from Dr D. Ramanaidu’s Suresh Productions start shooting dance scenes for their upcoming movie “Nenem…Chinna Pillana”.
“We are very proud to welcome this first ever south Indian movie production company to Sweden and hope that they will delight in the beautiful scenery and great locations all over Scandinavia”, says Mirza Askari from Connecting Bollywood.

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The next step in Swedish-Indian relations is here!

You might have wondered why it has been so quiet on this blog lately. We are happy to finally be able to announce what has kept us busy! The fact is that at the end of this month of May we will begin shooting Jia aur Jia, a hindi-speaking Bollywood movie set on location here in Sweden. Shooting is scheduled to last throughout June and the locations are spread all across Scania (Skåne).

The story, written by Mudassar Aziz, is about two girls with the same name, Jia (translated as “Liv” in Swedish), who by a coincidence happen to end up on the same trip to Sweden. Name might be the same, but it close to  instantly becomes clear that that is the only thing they have in common; one is the happy-go-lucky type who takes life no more seriously than it deserves; the other is an heir of a commercial empire and as joyless as all of that entails. Neither one nor the other wants to share their reason for going on the trip, and it is only in small, small steps that they on their adventurous road-trip slowly learn to trust each other…

This project is unique (you could almost say historical) in that it is the first proper Bollywood movie to be produced conjointly by Swedish and Indian film producers. For the first time a Swedish production company is investing in a product aimed primarily at Indian cinemas, taking full part in all the risks and profits that that entail. It became a reality through our friends at Bread Butter Cinemaz and Bohra Bros, both of which are experienced players in Bollywood, and also a bunch of people helping out on our turf in Sweden!

Stay put for more information!!