Nenem…Chinna Pillana premier!

Movie Mogul D Ramanaidu’s “Nenem… Chinna Pillana” that was partly shot in Sweden in May/June has premiered and we especially appreciate and are proud of reviews like this:

“Director Sunil Kumar Reddy takes utmost care to make a visually-appealing film laced with songs and emotions. The first half shot in Sweden looks picturesque in postcard-ish locations. He handles the tonal shifts with precision but the story travels on a by-lane after interval. The first half passes like a gentle breeze and the second half is a bit heavy.” …”Sabu James canned the Swedish locales uber perfectly and the Marriage Song is glistening through his camera lens.”

Connecting Bollywood wish the crew, the productions company and the movie great success at the box-office and welcome all back again!

nenem-chinna-pillana-20131107173104-12675  Watch the theatrical trailer here

Watch the song trailer here

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