Lunch with Film i Skåne

Yesterday we had Lena Hansson Varhegyi from Film i Skåne over for lunch (spicy Indian of course) at the office. Film i Skåne, the regional film institute, has as its main mission to support and cultivate the film industry in the region. They do this by providing funds, expertise, connections and all sorts of help to both aspiring film makers and established production houses. They are part of a wider public initiative to promote industry as a whole locally.

What we are trying to do is to convince Lena and her organisation that when it comes to supporting the local film industry, there is probably nothing more promising and worthwhile than helping us get our Bollywood projects off the ground. However, as certain as we are of the prospects of success and the benefits this will bring to the region we are nonetheless aware that this is not as clear to the less initiated – Bollywood is still a distant and exotic phenomenon to most Scandinavians and it is going to take some effort to make the films and the industry more familiar in this part of Europe.

All in all we can only say that it was a very pleasant meeting that we hope and think will develop into a fruitful relationship in the coming months and years!


PS. By the way, the premiere of 1920 – Evil Returns has once again been postponed, probably due to an overflow of horror films at the planned date.  New release date is set to 2 November however so we still don’t have to wait for long!