“Movie Nenem Chinna Pillana did fantastic business…”

Connecting Bollywood are very happy for the team behind another successful movie:

Tollywood movie Nenem Chinna Pillana was released in the screens of Tollywood last week on 8th November 2013. This film is an utter entertainment and relieving experience for the film viewers. Directed by Sunil Kumar Reddy and the producer of this film is Suresh Productions, Nenem Chinna Pillana is a total fun. With a favorable opening, film Nenem Chinna Pillana is doing very well considering the budget of the movie and expectations. Movie storyline is the basic attraction for the seekers as the story has been written by Balabhadra Patruni. Audience loves this romantic cum comedy movie with a popular and talented star cast of Rahul Ravindran, Tanvi Vyas, Sanjjanaa, Raghu Babu, Annapoorna and Thagubothu Ramesh and others. Movie Nenem Chinna Pillana did fantastic business on its first day, and continued the pace till its first week. Everyday collections of Nenem Chinna Pillana are quite impressive and increasing consistently. Comedy part of the movie has been applauded most due to the humorous and elegant performance of the comedian Siva Reddy.

Nenem Chinna Pillana started of very well in the regions of south and got effective reactions from the audience. Opening day collection of this movie was around 5 Crores and second day box office collection of Nenem Chinna Pillana was 4.03 Crore; the movie showed a tremendous increment in the figures and 3rd Day Box Office Collection closed at around 6.23 Crores. 4th Day Business made by Nenem Chinna Pillana is around 5 Crores. The film showed variable collections from the first day of its release till now. Total Box Office Collection of Nenem Chinna Pillana movie including the 5th Day Box Office Collection stands at an approximately 24 Crores*.

– See more at: http://shubhangel.com/2013/11/nenem-chinna-pillana-5th-day-box-office-collection/#sthash.4Nsr8UmG.dpuf

* 240 million Rupees = € 2,9 million

Nenem…Chinna Pillana premier!

Movie Mogul D Ramanaidu’s “Nenem… Chinna Pillana” that was partly shot in Sweden in May/June has premiered and we especially appreciate and are proud of reviews like this:

“Director Sunil Kumar Reddy takes utmost care to make a visually-appealing film laced with songs and emotions. The first half shot in Sweden looks picturesque in postcard-ish locations. He handles the tonal shifts with precision but the story travels on a by-lane after interval. The first half passes like a gentle breeze and the second half is a bit heavy.” …”Sabu James canned the Swedish locales uber perfectly and the Marriage Song is glistening through his camera lens.”

Connecting Bollywood wish the crew, the productions company and the movie great success at the box-office and welcome all back again!

nenem-chinna-pillana-20131107173104-12675  Watch the theatrical trailer here

Watch the song trailer here

“Sources say that the film unit was highly impressed with the locations and hospitality of the local crew.”

Here’s an article we found at 123telugu.com that made us at Connecting Bollywood very proud:

“Movie Mogul D Ramanaidu is currently producing a film titled Nenem…Chinna Pillana? and P Sunil Kumar Reddy is directing it. The film has Rahul Ravindran, Tanvi Vyas and Sanjanna in lead roles. The film’s shooting has progressing at a brisk pace and already, a major part of the film has been shot in Hyderabad and Vizag. Recently, the film unit wrapped up a majorschedule in Denmark and Sweden. Hero’s introduction scenes, two songs and several important scenes were shot in these two countries. It’s the first Telugu film which has been shot in Sweden and sources say that the film unit was highly impressed with the locations and hospitality of the local crew. M M Srilekha is scoring the music. The film will hit the screens later this year.” You’ll find the article here

Skärmavbild 2013-07-01 kl. 08.42.07

“If you’re planning a shoot in Europe, Sweden is a great option”

RahulOn his way back after shooting “Nenem …Chinna Pillana?” in Sweden, actor Rahul Ravindran Tweeted: “If you’re planning a shoot in Europe, Sweden is a great option. Beautiful country, tons of virgon locations, really sweet § helpful ppl…”

And he continued: “…sunlight in summers till 10.30 pm, an English speaking population unlike many other countries & a great line-producer in Connecting Bollywood”.

We were really proud to have you here, Rahul, and the whole Suresh Productions team! You were a great team and surely a great movie will be the outcome.

See some photos from the shoot here:

Nenem Chinna Pillana